Get your sparkle on with this three-in-one manicure!

How can you rock all the latest nail trends and still get away looking chic and not wannabe?

Given how obsessed I am with nail paints, I have been dying to try the latest trend around Louboutin nails. So that is exactly what I did this weekend! Here is the easiest way to combine french, accent and Louboutin trends in your nail art. It is fairly easy to pull off – just do a normal french manicure like you would, and then proceed to paint the underneath of your nails a deep, maroon red. The play on black and red will really bring this out, but you can replicate it with any deep colors, navy and wine being the popular ones.

I have shorter nails right now, and the picture isn’t doing justice – but the end result was fabulous.  Give it a shot, and do let me know how it turns out!

french accent louboutin nail trends in red and black on pumpernickel pixie


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