Rangoli Through The Years!

Every year, for the festival of Diwali, I decorate the front yard of our house with a big, multi colored Rangoli pattern. A Rangoli is usually made during Diwali or any other auspicious Indian festival as a welcoming area for the Gods. It is basically a colored pattern which is created on the floor using flowers, colored rice, colored sand or any other relevant material. A great way to keep traditions alive, a Rangoli adds a colorful touch to all the twinkling Diwali decorations. They are also expected to bring good luck and prosperity to the house.

I have been making Rangolis for our Diwali decorations for the last 8 years or so, and each year I scramble to find the best pattern and stock up on new colors so I can bring a unique touch to my Rangoli.

Below you can see the last 8 years of Rangolis at our house. I would like to believe that I have improved a lot over the last few years, what do you think?

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  1. Such a nice collection of Rangoli Designs. All Images are Amazing. Keep Sharing.
    Thank you for sharing this nice designs.

  2. Nice
    A Rangoli is usually made during Diwali or any other auspicious Indian festival as a welcoming area for the Gods.
    Your rangoli designs are very attractive and beautiful.
    thank you for sharing this nice blog post.

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