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Sparkle #86: How to be more Productive

Happy Monday people! Its that time of the year when everything seems to slow down. Summers tend to make me lazy, slow-moving and if I may admit, a tad bit unproductive. Perhaps its the heat, or maybe it is just the way an year paces, with most of our energy being reserved for winter and spring. Dealing with poor productivity at work can be tough, and if you don’t tackle it soon enough, it creates a backlog which is even tougher to manage! So to start this week and your Monday on an inspirational note, I am sharing some of my top tips…

June 15, 2015
How to banish Monday blues and get back our mornings for a power-packed week on pumpernickel pixie
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Sparkle #32: How to have high energy mornings

Happy Monday folks! Monday sparkle on the blog is focused on motivating thoughts and actions so we can start the week on an optimistic and inspiring note. For a couple of weeks now, I have been posting inspiring thoughts and ideas on the blog, and while they got me thinking, I have been slow to acting upon them. So this week, I decided to do a series of ‘how-to’ posts across different themes hoping they would inspire me (and you!) to take action on key areas in our lives. I am a fairly visual person, and understand better through images than words. So while looking for these how-to ideas…

February 23, 2015