Sparkle #119: Chocolate Around the World

Would you travel for Chocolate? I know I would! Science says chocolate is a definite happiness booster, and I couldn’t agree more! It easily fits in with most menus or cuisines, is available in a variety of forms and flavors and often tops the list of comforting, indulgent and stress busting foods.

There are plenty of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants across the world which celebrate chocolate in all it’s glory. Whatever your next destination, be sure to look up ‘chocolate’ and I am sure you will find at least one novel chocolate cafe in that place which you would want to try during your trip. These chocolate shops across the globe offer all kinds of chocolate preparations – from the very basic to something extravagant or exquisite!

Love Home Swap came up with a unique info-graphic which lists out chocolate stops around the world. From Europe to Oceania, America to Asia, there are some unique chocolate experiences which must be sampled by every traveler. This is a great guide to bookmark and use so as to never miss a chocolate stop during your travels across the globe!

My favorite chocolate experience so far? Well, nothing has come close to the famous Max Brenner HugMug I had in NYC in Fall 2013. But then, I haven’t yet covered any of the stops listed in the chocolate guide below!

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(Image Credits: Fine Dining Lovers)


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