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Sparkle #106: How to do a Juice Cleanse

Happy Monday people; are you feeling inspired for your week ahead? To start your day on a healthy note, I am featuring some helpful information on juice cleanses on the blog today. A juice cleanse (or juice detox) has gained massive popularity as a quick and easy way to lose weight and flush out toxins from your body. It usually involves an intake of only certain raw fruit and vegetable concoctions for 1, 3 or 5 days. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of a cleanse and how it works, I want to publish a disclaimer: I do not endorse juicing as a regular practice. There are two…

July 27, 2015
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Sparkle #102: Fix your Posture!

Happy Monday folks! Another week and another chance to get it right! This is why I chose Monday as the day for all my inspiration themed posts. And for today’s post, I am sharing a really cool info-graphic with all the tips and tricks you need to know for maintaining good posture. If like me you have a desk job, then at some point in your life, you must have definitely fallen prey to the habit of having bad posture. As babies and children we learn to breath, walk and sit correctly, but as we grow older we tend to pick up the wrong…

July 20, 2015
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Sparkle #98: Why Dark Chocolate is Good for You

Happy Monday people! For me, today was a Monday which needed plenty of chocolate to help me get through the day and stay calm for the rest of the week. My body reacts in two ways to stress: either it craves all unhealthy foods in the universe, or it generates so much nausea that I cannot even finish breakfast! Today, it just screamed chocolate and dessert in a voice which was very hard to ignore. Thankfully, I stayed calm and sensibly picked up a piece of dark chocolate instead of any other chocolate dessert to satisfy my craving. As you would have read in countless studies and clean eating articles, some amount of dark chocolate…

July 13, 2015
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Sparkle #94: Monday Motivations

Happy Monday folks! Another week, another month and another chance at getting it right! It’s the middle of 2015, which makes it a good time to take stock of our January resolutions and the progress we have made on them. As always, I made plenty of resolutions for myself, but have been pretty bad at keeping up with most of them. I am looking forward to July for making a fresh start on two of my key priority areas for 2015: losing weight and being positive! Below are two inspirational thoughts which have motivated me to get back on track, or at least put some more thought into how I intend to work…

July 6, 2015
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Sparkle #74: The No Junk Food Challenge

Happy Monday folks! Last week, I wrote about losing 8 pounds in 2-3 weeks in a healthy way. I have always struggled with maintaining my optimum weight. I grew up as a not so healthy eater, and preferred cake and cookies to green leafy vegetables during my teenage years. Over the last 4 years, along with growing my Yoga practice, I have also became more aware and mindful of what I eat. I am training myself to eat healthy, relish fruits and vegetables, avoid junk and exercise daily. But from time to time, I have a slip here or there! It is so difficult to completely eliminate…

May 4, 2015