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Sparkle #82: Start Your Week Right!

Happy Monday folks! Are you ready for the month of June? For me, this particular week is all about getting back on track with my daily rituals – whether it is my Yoga class, Zumba dance sessions or these sparkle posts! It is also about uploading and categorizing the pictures clicked on my recent travel, so I can share them with all of you as soon as possible. My obsession with animated GIFs intensified on this trip, as I generated some lovely auto-awesomes from my mobile camera. I cannot seem to get enough of animated artwork and so this week, I am dedicating all sparkle posts…

June 8, 2015
animated jungle art gif on pumpernickel pixie
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Sparkle #18: Animated Art

Hello folks, how is your week coming along? Wednesdays on my blog are dedicated to art & design, and today I am sharing with you something wonderful I stumbled upon last week. Love art? Like animations? If you answered yes to both the questions, then welcome to the club! I am obsessed with animated art and design GIFs, so much so that I started creating some myself (using the cool auto-awesome feature in Google+). This particular animated jungle art GIF really caught my attention – I haven’t seen such a clean effect in a very long time. How is this for some sparkly, arty inspiration today? PS –…

January 28, 2015