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Sparkle #206: Carpe Diem!

Hello everyone, how is it going? I am really feeling the Monday morning blues today – this week has not even started and so many to-do’s and action items are already piled up! It is definitely going to be a busy week ahead. I am so consumed with work, that I am unable to write something meaningful or inspirational for the Monday post. Thankfully, this amazing comic came to my rescue – it pretty much sums up what I am feeling. Here’s some food for thought as you start your Monday – hope we all have a productive week ahead!…

July 10, 2017
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Sparkle #87: See the World in 255 Days

Do you have a travel wish list? Whether tiny or large, adventurous or spiritual – anyone who has been bitten by the travel bug is sure to have a bucket list of places they want to cover in their lifetime! Presenting an interesting twist on the countless bucket lists available out there is this ‘Ultimate travel bucket list’, which outlines an itinerary covering 46 countries in 255 days! LoveHomeSwap (an English home exchange site) put together this amazing info graphic which not only covers top global destinations, but also includes suggested routes and modes of transport! According to them, you would need approximately 80,000…

June 16, 2015