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Take a break!

Happy Monday people! 2015 has been a busy year, I cannot believe October is around the corner. The next three months are going to be even busier, as we round up the year and get set for the holidays. So this week, I am taking a break to unwind, re-charge my batteries and come back with renewed energy for the last quarter of 2015. I  have lovely plans for the entire week – there’s a bit of travel, lots of yoga, reading, music, movies, and plans of eating out, staying up and sleeping in! I am also going to de-clutter and get more organized for the coming few…

September 28, 2015
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Sparkle #13: On my Shelf

Hello everyone, how is your week coming along? I did a crazy Zumba class today, and all I wanted to do after my workout was crash in front of the television or read a book! This inspired my Wednesday post for the week – what will I be watching and reading in 2015? There’s no dearth of inspiration – plenty of fantastic books are being launched as movies this year. So this solves the dual purpose of picking what to read or watch! The fifty shades trailer probably generated the most buzz, but there are many more interesting choices to pick from. For instance, I recently got to know they…

January 21, 2015