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Sparkle #69: Fashionable Nail Decals

Aloha folks! I seem to have had a really crazy day – from dealing with a police officer, to hoax callers and visa issues, I braved it all in one long day. To brighten my mood, I turned to one of my favorite de-stressing activities – painting my nails! While I have always been obsessed with french manicures and bright colors, there is one other trend which has been playing on my mind lately – that of nail decals. Nail decals or nail stickers are a convenient way to jazz up your look without going in for expensive manicures or nail art. You don’t really have…

April 23, 2015
french accent louboutin nail trends in red and black on pumpernickel pixie
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Get your sparkle on with this three-in-one manicure!

How can you rock all the latest nail trends and still get away looking chic and not wannabe? Given how obsessed I am with nail paints, I have been dying to try the latest trend around Louboutin nails. So that is exactly what I did this weekend! Here is the easiest way to combine french, accent and Louboutin trends in your nail art. It is fairly easy to pull off – just do a normal french manicure like you would, and then proceed to paint the underneath of your nails a deep, maroon red. The play on black and red will really…

March 8, 2015
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Sparkle #10: Fabulous French Manicures

Hello wonderful people! For this week’s Thursday post, I am doing a round up of my favorite french manicure styles – so this one is specially for the ladies. I am obsessed with nail paints and nail art. I sometimes change my nail paint twice, no, thrice a week. I like to follow the latest trends in colors and styles, and am always open to experimenting and trying something new. I usually keep the length between short to medium (yet to warm up to the stiletto trend) and prefer both traditional oblong and modern square shapes. In styles, I am partial to…

January 15, 2015