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Sparkle #181: Love and Longing for NYC

My travel wishlist is forever growing. As I add on new destinations every year, I also keep some time to visit places which have endeared to me on my previous travels. As a traveler, you sometimes discover cities and towns which feel familiar, almost like they belong to you and you belong to them. It’s a little like falling in love – each time you set foot in this place, you feel happy, calm and at home. At the same time you feel excited and energized, ready to take on whatever the world throws at you with new vigor and enthusiasm. New York for me,…

March 8, 2016
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Sparkle #115: Illustrated Travel Maps

We are celebrating illustrated art on the blog this week, and for today’s post I wanted to share my favorite type of travel illustrations – illustrated travel maps! An illustrated map comes in handy when you want to know the character of a place in one quick glance. It highlights top attractions, routes, things to do, places to eat and other quirks for a particular destination in a light and easy to absorb manner. It is fun and colorful to look at it, can be easily stored on your phone as an image or a wallpaper and serves as a quick reminder for key attractions when traveling to…

August 18, 2015
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Sparkle #99: Travel Illustrations Of Famous Cities

Travel inspiration can strike anywhere – over a conversation, in a movie, through a book or from the internet! I recently stumbled across these delightful city illustrations from the Tokyo Illustrators Society and am craving a trip to New York again! Japanese artist Kondo Yoshie put together these colorful and charming city illustrations for a travel book project. Her art is whimsical, beautiful and at the same time very informative, capturing the different nuances of a city in great detail. I decided to feature these inspiring creations for my Travel Tuesdays post. My favorites are definitely New York and Germany; which one of these city illustrations do you like best? Note: All image…

July 14, 2015
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Sparkle #55: Amazing Hot Chocolate in NYC

Aloha everyone! Today I am in dire need of rich, dark, decadent chocolate and would happily travel to satisfy my craving! Given my love for dark chocolate and today’s post being all about travel tales, I thought I would talk about one of the best chocolate restaurants in New York – Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man in the dazzling Union Square area. I discovered Max Brenner on a chilly fall evening in September 2012, when I was visiting New York for work. A good friend from college took me out for post dinner hot chocolate, with the promise of a magical chocolate experience – one that I would…

March 31, 2015