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Sparkle #203: Hey 2017 – Let’s Do This!

Happy 2017 to all you happy, shiny people! There’s something about 2017 that’s got me all excited and optimistic – this year feels like it’s going to be magical. Or maybe this is just the hope that kicks in with the start of a new year talking. 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 splendid months which we can fill with fresh moments and new stories. So let’s go all out this year and make lots of magical memories. Every year in January, I do a post on new year resolutions (2015, 2016) or share printables (2015, 2016) which could help us plan better for the year ahead.…

January 23, 2017
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2015: My Year To Shine

2014 was a roller-coaster of an year. There were some superb highs – rich travel experiences, my experiments with photography, fun times at destination weddings and lots of new learning’s at work. The lows were lessons disguised as pain – forcing me to ponder about what I should focus on in the future. I also stuck to several of my resolutions -went paperless and got super organized (yay Evernote!), started financial planning/saving (which in turn funded my travels in 2014), de-cluttered my storage shelves and got clicked like crazy – I no longer feel I am not photogenic! This in turn makes me think,…

December 31, 2014