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Sparkle #180: Buddha Doodles

Happy Monday my lovelies! It’s a particularly happy Monday for me this week, since we got our grandmother home today. If you read my post last week, you would know that my absence on the blog was primarily because my granny was hospitalized, and I was not in a frame of mind to write. Well now she is back, and we know she is as happy to be home as we are to have her here! The last two weeks were a big mess, what with work, visits to the hospital and stress at home. It is difficult to be positive in such…

March 7, 2016
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Daily Sparkle, Inspired Mondays, Living, Positiveness

Sparkle #28: The Law of Attraction

Happy Monday lovelies! Hope your February is coming along well. I have had a month full of activity so far, and am hoping this week will be full of happy excitement as well. For this week’s Inspired Mondays post, I wanted to keep things simple and talk about a concept which might seem easy but has very powerful implications. I am talking about the ‘law of attraction’. If you have read the book ‘The Secret‘ or explored Mike Dooley’s blog ‘Thoughts become Things‘, you will know what I am talking about. The law of attraction essentially states the following things: What we think,…

February 16, 2015