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GoogleBun Fridays: Week 9 Favorites

February 27, 2015
weekly picks from the internet goooglebun fridays round up on pumpernickel pixie

weekly picks from the internet goooglebun fridays round up on pumpernickel pixie

Happy Friday everyone! I am glad this week is coming to a close, it wasn’t exactly a productive week and yet left me exhausted. Sharing below my top picks for weekend reading and fun.

PS – I did my first juice cleanse today, and will write about it shortly in another post.

  1. A natural, safe and effective way for building a strong immune system.
  2. Get hold of these socks with faces to enjoy a cozy and happy weekend.
  3. These 24 mood boosting meal ideas present some excellent choices for breakfast tomorrow.
  4. Practicing these 5 things can make you a better listener – I know I need to work on #4 in particular.
  5. We all know who wore what to the Oscars. But do you know what everyone wore to the after parties? Well that is where all the action really was!
  6. Have you ever tried St. Louis Style Pizza? It looks delicious for sure! And while you are at it, try your hand at these extra nutty dark chocolate fudge brownies as well. Together they make for a perfect weekend.
  7. A caffeinated shower sounds like a good idea for Sunday – doesn’t it?
  8. Are you interested in numerology? Explore this basic guide and get more insight into your life path numbers.
  9. This very short film by Vallee Duhamel is a whimsical, visual treat in pink and yellow!
  10. And finally, here is some fresh musical inspiration to bade farewell to winter and welcome spring.

(Image Credits: Tumblr)

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