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Introducing The Micro Resolution

Hello wonderful people, it’s the middle of January and I am finally ready to share my goals and intentions for the coming year with everyone! I earlier wrote a post about taking some time to think through my resolutions instead of forcing myself to be ready with a list on the first of January. I am glad I took this time to introspect and think deeply about what I want to do differently in the coming months. 2016 is going to be the year of the micro resolution. I first read about micro resolutions here, where Caroline talks about making small and manageable changes in your daily behavior which would…

January 18, 2016
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Hello 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2016 brings us many shiny, happy, bright and beautiful moments. I am grateful for 2015, it gave me some spectacular memories. Somehow, when I look back and reflect, I can only remember the things which went well, or the learning’s from what didn’t work out. So 2015 will always be special – for all the traveling, meeting kind strangers, spontaneous decisions, train rides, playing tourist in my own city, evenings out with friends, discovering Spotify and Zumba, re-discovering Yoga, for Google, for my old team (and the new one), participating in a leadership program, mixing cocktails, shooting a movie, juice cleanses and my blog! Time flew really quickly…

January 4, 2016