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Sparkle #82: Start Your Week Right!

Happy Monday folks! Are you ready for the month of June? For me, this particular week is all about getting back on track with my daily rituals – whether it is my Yoga class, Zumba dance sessions or these sparkle posts! It is also about uploading and categorizing the pictures clicked on my recent travel, so I can share them with all of you as soon as possible. My obsession with animated GIFs intensified on this trip, as I generated some lovely auto-awesomes from my mobile camera. I cannot seem to get enough of animated artwork and so this week, I am dedicating all sparkle posts…

June 8, 2015
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Week 21, 22 & 23: Around the World in 14 Days!

And I am back! Aloha folks, how has summer started for all of you? I cannot believe I have been away for only two weeks, it seems like forever to me! It is wonderful to be back. I love traveling and might wander off for days or weeks, but I always find my way back home. The beauty of travel is that it not only helps you discover people and places, but also helps unearth new things about your own personality, all the while broadening horizons while enriching the soul! The following two quotes beautifully sum up all my travel experiences till date: “It’s a…

June 7, 2015