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Sparkle #111: Take part in La Tomatina

It’s August, which means we are nearing the end of summer! As the season slows down, take some time off from your hectic schedule for one last summer break! And what better place to celebrate summer than Spain? Every year, on the last Wednesday of August, several thousands of people get together to participate in the La Tomatina festival in Buñol, Spain. It is a fun tomato throwing event organized in the Plaza del Pueblo. People get together for a big food fight and throw tonnes of over ripe tomatoes at each other. It is an eagerly awaited summer event, and a highly popular tourist attraction for…

August 11, 2015
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Sparkle #87: See the World in 255 Days

Do you have a travel wish list? Whether tiny or large, adventurous or spiritual – anyone who has been bitten by the travel bug is sure to have a bucket list of places they want to cover in their lifetime! Presenting an interesting twist on the countless bucket lists available out there is this ‘Ultimate travel bucket list’, which outlines an itinerary covering 46 countries in 255 days! LoveHomeSwap (an English home exchange site) put together this amazing info graphic which not only covers top global destinations, but also includes suggested routes and modes of transport! According to them, you would need approximately 80,000…

June 16, 2015
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Sparkle #71: Fun Travel Quizzes

I know it’s Friday, but as promised, I am going to publish all the sparkle posts I had initially planned for this week! So starting where we left off, here is the travel tales post I had initially planned to publish on Tuesday. Last weekend I stumbled upon these super fun travel quizzes on Buzzfeed’s website and ended up killing a lot of time online just figuring out which European city I can live in, or which US city I should visit next! My favorite quizzes were: Where in the US should you travel next? I got San Francisco, and that’s kind of accurate…

May 1, 2015