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Sparkle #91: Three Travel Hacks I Love!

Given the amount I travel on a regular basis, I have become adept at testing and adapting different travel hacks to make my journey more comfortable. Travel hacks are basically tips and tricks which make travelling convenient, easy and effortless! If you search the internet, you will find plenty of travel hacks which can be useful for your trip; I particularly like the ones listed on Buzzfeed, Babble and Popsugar. I have three favorite travel hacks which often save me time and make my journey painless. I have tried these on countless flights abroad and find they actually work! These are: Packing all my cosmetics/liquids in…

June 30, 2015
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Daily Sparkle, Tips, Travel, Travel Tale Tuesdays

Sparkle #79: Travel Apps & Hacks

I have travel planning on my mind this week! There’s less than a week to go for my upcoming trip, so these days I am busy planning outfits, making packing lists, shopping for gifts and ensuring all travel documents are in place. Usually I am on track with everything at least a week in advance, but this time crazy deadlines at work have played spoilsport! Nonetheless, I hope to be sorted with everything before the weekend. Like I mentioned before, I love planning everything around my trip in advance. I am big on travel apps, or any other service which will help me…

May 12, 2015