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A Wandering Gypsy

March 8, 2015
travel to see the world pumpernickel pixie

travel to see the world pumpernickel pixietravel to see the world pumpernickel pixietravel to see the world pumpernickel pixie

Hello people! If you have been reading my blog, you know I love traveling! Each time I pack that suitcase and take off on a trip, I discover something new about myself! I feel my most honest, gorgeous and true self when I travel. I feel lighter, happier and real – travel brings out the best in me!

I have been lucky and had opportunities to travel a lot – both for business and pleasure. I have had some fantastic experiences, met wonderful people and made memories to last me a lifetime! So in an endeavor to document these lovely moments, I will soon share with you tales from my travels across the world. Stay tuned for the next update on this from my end!

Meanwhile, here is an interactive map where I am pinning the locations I have traveled to; as you can see I have covered some ground, but still have several more destinations on my wishlist. So here’s to making memories and traveling more in 2015!


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