Sparkle #11: Delicious Smoothies!

Update: Hello people. Mark of reached out to me with this excellent smoothies guide which covers every possible variation, along with detailed notes, recipes and pictures! I felt like I had to add this resource to my smoothies post! 

Hello everyone! It’s Monday, and I thought we should start the week on a delicious but healthy note. So today I am covering some of my favorite smoothie recipes from around the internet.

I love smoothies! So much so, that I secretly hope of opening a smoothie bar someday. I find it the perfect way to combine nutrition with taste. You can add a variety of ingredients to a smoothie – fruits, vegetables, nuts and even super foods like chia seeds. Plus there is no dearth of combinations you can try to find a smoothie which will suit your health, mood and taste buds. Another advantage of a smoothie is that you can increase your intake of green leafy vegetables while maintaining great taste, because the way the greens are blended with fruits brings down their bitterness, if any.

I feel that they make a great addition to any breakfast palette, and also work as an amazing mid-day snack option. There are some smoothies I like to take regularly because of their highly nutritious content (such as the glowing skin smoothies mentioned below). Sometimes when traveling, or watching my weight before an important event, I have also used them as meal replacement options – a quick and easy way to fill you up without comprising on energy or nutrition. However, I strongly suggest not making this a routine – because nothing can compensate for a well balanced diet. 

When travelling, I have a sweet spot for the smoothies available at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. My sister brought me here for lunch one day and I was hooked. My favorites: Acai Berry Boost, Triple Berry Oat and when I feel indulgent – Mocha Madness! They also make a filling and scrumptious ‘Hummus Veggie’ sandwich.

Do you have any amazing smoothie recipes to share, or do you have any favorite smoothie cafes which you visit often? Do share in the comments below!

Green and healthy

Fruit, nut, oats or chocolate 

Other recipes

Smoothie making – tips & tricks

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