Notice Something Amiss?

Happy Monday people! Did you notice something wrong with the blog today? It’s loading slower than usual, the newsletter sign up box is missing, the social media buttons on the top of each post are gone and a bunch of features are not working. Even the weekly newsletter did not go out today as usual.

Yes, you got it right. I am facing a major technical issue on my blog back-end. I don’t know yet if this is to do with my server and hosting or any other issue, but the blog back-end is not loading in full, which makes it impossible for me to curate and share a proper post. It took me several hours to push out even this small update.

I am not very good at the technical stuff, but I am learning! My fabulous brother helped me a lot with the hosting and initial setup of the blog, and he is currently looking into this issue for me. He has promised me that this should be fixed before mid-week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

It’s so disappointing to start the week on this note, especially since I had planned to share some interesting posts with you this week – including some crazy DIYs for Halloween and the amazing fall decorations in my sister’s house in Virginia. Hoping everything is fixed soon so I can share these with you in good time.

Meanwhile, I am going to look at the bright side of this forced downtime and work on some new features for the blog. So stay tuned for my next update and keep it sparkly!

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