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Sparkle #150: Buddhist Prayers for Peace

Happy Monday folks! We are soon going to enter the most wonderful time of the year, but my mind is still restless with the events of the last few days. How does one stay positive and peaceful during times of distress? I find that chanting really calms me down, and so for today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite chants and prayers with you, hoping they will help you find peace and positivism in the days to come. My favorite chant is a famous Buddhist mantra which I picked up during my visit to Leh called “Om Mani Padme Hum“. It is one of the easiest Buddhist chants one can practice in…

November 16, 2015
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Trip of a Lifetime: Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh: Part 1

Hello wonderful people and happy Sunday! I woke up feeling real good this morning. It could be because it’s Sunday, or because we have amazing (rainy) weather, or simply because today is the anniversary of my maiden trip to Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh in 2013. If I call Paris my teenage crush, then Kashmir is definitely my first love! I undoubtedly have the travel bug, I fall in love with places in an instant. I was 8 years old when I first discovered the beauty of Kashmir while participating in an art project. It was on my travel list for a long time before I finally got the chance to…

August 9, 2015
zen tips and inspiration for mindful living

Sparkle #20: Zen Living

Hello happy people! I love the month of February – the changing weather, cool air, winter blooms, and the abundance of love – it is all so magical! This time of the year makes me pause and think, slow down a little, appreciate the little things in life and cultivate hope and happiness for the year to come. So to capture this feeling of peace and mindfulness, I decided to do a round-up of top zen habits we should cultivate for a happy life. It is absolutely impossible for me to cover all the advice available on the web, so if you want your daily dose…

February 2, 2015

GoogleBun Fridays: Week 4 Favorites

Hello wonderful people, hope you are having a good Friday. Check out my top picks from the web this week, and share yours in the comments below! Decorate your desserts with spun sugar – this is perfect, will make so many kids (and adults) happy! What is your ‘play personality‘? I am probably 3, 6 or 8. Make your own ‘Yogi Cake‘. (Warning: this is not a food recipe). Fashion from the streets of India. This picture made me happy. Don Draper’s guide to 50th birthday cakes; young ones check out the funfetti buttermilk birthday cake. Least stressful jobs and quirky travel jobs – I am…

January 23, 2015

Sparkle #7: Happy Bhutan

Hello people! Welcome to the Tuesday Travel post. This week, I am talking about Bhutan – the land of peace, beauty and happiness. Bhutan is located at the eastern end of the Himalayas and often referred to as the ‘land of clouds’ or the ‘land of the thunder dragon’. With a diverse, rich culture, and origins steeped in Buddhism – it has a natural association with peace, zen, happiness and bliss. I got interested in Bhutan when I heard that it evaluates ‘Gross National Happiness’ as an indicator of the nation’s success, thus taking into consideration non-economic aspects of prosperity along with the regular economic factors. I personally…

January 13, 2015