Sparkle #23: Organic Makeup DIY

natural organic make up skin care beauty hacks

Hello people – are you ready for the weekend? I am! This was a super busy week at work and I am waiting for Friday. Also this weekend, I intend to work on some interesting posts for the blog – so can’t wait to get started.

For this week’s Thursday post, I rounded up some exciting Beauty DIYs which will help you slowly transition from regular cosmetics to organic skincare and makeup.

I have extremely sensitive skin, and very rarely do I find skin and makeup products which won’t lead to breakouts or clogged pores. In fact, if I find something which suits my skin, I am reluctant to change it – even if my dermatologist tells me there is a better option available!

Of late I have been experimenting with natural and organic skin care products, and I feel they really work for sensitive skin types. Natural products don’t cause allergic reactions and breakouts, and while it might take you a while to see results, they are often more long lasting as compared to some over-the-counter options. put together a really cool infographic (there’s that term again – clearly I am obsessed with these) which gives helpful instructions on using ingredients from your pantry to create natural, toxin free, organic makeup which looks and feels good! Check it out right here.

natural organic make up skin care beauty hacks

PS – while you are at it, have a look at this list of beauty hacks which again illustrates the benefits of using natural products for fixing common beauty ailments. I know I am raiding my kitchen tonight!

Do you have any favorite natural ingredients you swear by for makeup or organic skin care routines? Do share in the comments below!

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