Sparkle #73: Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes

easy oven roasted cheesy italian potatoes recipe on pumpernickel pixie

I am not much of a cook. Several years ago when I was living in a hostel, I taught myself how to make instant noodles and black coffee. I can make a PB&J sandwich, and a nice cup of hot (or cold) chocolate. Beyond this, I don’t have any other skills in the kitchen! I love to eat, and am a sucker for good food shows (Nigella Lawson and Food Paradise anyone?) but I don’t have any talent for cooking.

Nonetheless, once in a while, you come across a recipe that inspires you to actually hit the chopping board. I discovered this amazing recipe for Oven Roasted Potatoes and I am proud to report that I have made them twice over in the last six months!

The only reason this recipe got me into the kitchen was that it is incredibly easy and super quick to make. It requires only two ingredients and seasoning, and practically involves no effort on the preparation and cooking end.

Plus it tastes insanely good! Who can go wrong with potatoes tossed in olive oil, coated with Italian seasoning and topped with melted cheese? The end result is comfort food with minuscule calories (because nothing is fried), so you can dig in without guilt.

Can any recipe be this perfect? I am yet to come across something equally interesting that would motivate me to go into the kitchen again. I know I mentioned taking a shot at this Nutella cheesecake, but the number of calories in that recipe has been a big deterrent so far. So until I have another adventure in the kitchen, I am going to dig into my potatoes and call it a happy, satisfying day!

You can get the recipe on this site, and the image below is my first attempt at reproducing the same in my kitchen. The image might not be clear, but I can guarantee you it looks and tastes divine.

easy oven roasted cheesy italian potatoes recipe on pumpernickel pixie

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    This looks delicious!! I will also try this

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