Fall Bucket List, with a Twist!

Hello there! I am making a short diversion from my lockdown series today to wish everyone a happy first day of fall! That’s right. Fall (or Autumn as it’s called in some parts of the world) is finally here, and I am looking forward to cooler weather and shorter days ahead. 

I love the in-between seasons of spring and autumn and fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. There’s a change in the air, the weather is just about right, and who can forget the festivals around the corner with all their lovely traditions and food! 

2020 has hardly been easy on anyone, but they say “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”! So let’s mark this time of the year with cheerful rituals, both old and new, and hope for better days ahead. 

I am sure we have all seen fall bucket lists like this one before, but given how unusual this year has been, how about doing one with a twist? I would definitely suggest you do all the fall activities you would do usually – decorate your home, bake fall goodies, listen to jazz music and spend time with family. But on top of this, I suggest you make a personal fall bucket list, filled with activities you want to do over the next 30 days to make this season more meaningful for you. This could be a habit you are trying to break, a hobby you have been wanting to start or something as simple as finishing a book you are reading. There are no rules here except for one: choose activities that will make you feel happy, rested and at peace. After all, fall is all about slowing down, pausing to reflect, appreciating what we have and setting intentions for the future. 

I made my own fall bucket list of 5 things I want to do in the coming month: 

  • Take a Break: Like most people out there, I have been working from home since spring, and haven’t prioritised taking a vacation because I can’t travel anywhere. But I am feeling the burnout of this year and I know I need to power down and charge my batteries for the coming months. So this month, I will put in those leaves, schedule some downtime and take a screen detox! 
  • Be Grateful: I am usually an optimistic person, but there are moments and days that get to me and leave me all whiny. But in these moments, I have to drive myself to remember and appreciate that my cup is full. To make this a habit, I am going to do one simple activity. Everytime I get a negative thought or complain about something, I will put a blank chit in a jar. More than 10 chits, and I go without dessert for a month. Less than 10 and I buy myself a little treat! 
  • Practice Self Care: Herbal teas, candles and books have been ordered and I am also knee deep in research on “how to hygge”. Autumn is the perfect time to switch your routine and get a little relaxed. So I have decided I will be super nice and gentle with myself over the next few days. This means not feeling guilty about slackening on my strict exercise schedule, or starting my day with cake! 
  • Get Low-key: I am an extrovert but at times, I end up feeling like the crab from my sun sign and retreat into my shell for some me-time. Low-key has many meanings, but I read something particularly lovely in this article that caught my eye: “to be low-key it to be shiny, but not in the spotlight, to be focused and to keep to oneself”. This is the exact energy I want in my life right now. I am not looking for gossip or drama and I genuinely don’t want to compare or care about what people think or say about me. I set some goals earlier this month, so I am going to put blinders on for the rest of October and focus on what I want. I also realize this is going to be much harder for me than any of the other things listed above, but I am very driven towards making this work. 
  • Knit or Crochet: I am going to make one last attempt at learning how to knit or crochet (tried several times but failed in the past). If I still can’t get around it, then at the very least I want to finish the long stitch painting I bought earlier this year. 

So there’s my fall 2020 list! I hope you too can take some time from your day to press pause and create your own fall bucket list. Fill it with things you want to let go and with things you wish to manifest, and then see the weather work it’s magic on the rest. 

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