GoogleBun Fridays: Week 1 Favorites

  googlebun fridays weekly picks from pumpernickel pixie

Hello people. Every Friday, I do a quick round-up of interesting things I read that week on the web. Here are my top favorites for this week. Did you read anything interesting in the last couple of days?

  1. The last sunset of 2014 by Alfredo Costanzo and the Valley of light by Michael Shainblum.
  2. If only removing things from the internet was this easy…
  3. Essential zen habits – the best of zen habits posts in 2014.
  4. Do what you have to do – seize the day and live every moment!
  5. 10 reasons to love chocolate (not that we need that many).
  6. 2015 astrological predictions for your sun sign.
  7. A note a day from the universe to help you choose the right thoughts!
  8. Find your word for 2015 and let it guide you through the year.
  9. How to make sure this year is different – I love the inspiration in this post.
  10. “Take it as it comes – specialize in having fun”

(Image Credits: DesignLoveFest)

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