GoogleBun Fridays: Week 3 Favorites

googlebun fridays weekly picks from pumpernickel pixie

Happy, shiny Friday folks! This week’s round-up is a crazy mix of art, culture and lifestyle picks from around the internet. Did you read something interesting recently? Do share!

  1. This is what the night sky can really look like…I love the moon and stars!
  2. Why you are still not losing belly fat + a diet that might help you get fit.
  3. If you love LEGO and have a thing for fantasy fiction, this will cheer you up.
  4. Ship your enemies glitter!
  5. How pretty and fresh is this balloon birthday cake? (And edible too!)
  6. Trophy husbands? Sure why not!
  7. Do something different on your next date – here are 8 unusual ideas to mix things up.
  8. Top vegetarian restaurants in NYC and LA. As a vegetarian who travels a lot, I can tell you – this is life saving.
  9. Totally tripping on this music video right now.
  10. If you want to kick-start your reading habit this weekend, pick up this book.

(Cover Image: Tumblr)

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