GoogleBun Fridays: Week 13 Favorites

weekly picks from the internet goooglebun fridays round up on pumpernickel pixie

weekly picks from the internet goooglebun fridays round up on pumpernickel pixie

Happy Friday folks! Below are my top picks from around the web for this week; what have you been reading?

  1. For a culinary visual feast, check out the food-themed issue of Printing Friends magazine or this preview of The Cookbook Book which features 125 cookbooks from around the world.
  2. Facial yoga exercises for rejuvenated, glowing and beautiful skin. I am definitely incorporating these in my daily yoga routine. For more inspiration, get your hands on this yogic photos calendar.
  3. Here is how you can whip up your own batch of delicious thin mint chocolate cookies. And while you are at it, perhaps bake this amazing peanut butter and jelly linzer torte. This is comfort food at its best!
  4. What your food cravings can tell you, and how to beat them. Also check out this amazing guide on cruciferous vegetables.
  5. Why you must believe that you are the best – an interesting read on building confidence.
  6. Make this pretty, sparkling ombre rose cocktail for your next party; also check out this list of 8 best bite-sized desserts which you can add to your menu.
  7. I love flea markets, they are a great way to explore local culture and pick up unique souvenirs. Check out this ultimate guide to the world’s best flea markets and bookmark it for your next trip.
  8. Pantone’s color report for Spring 2015 has two of my favorite colors – Scuba Blue and Strawberry Ice. Which are your favorites for spring?
  9. Explore these fun ideas & DIYs for the weekend: make your own table top tic-tac-toe, try these 9 Easter/Spring themed crafts, plan this cute April Fool’s balloon prank or dress your Easter eggs to party!
  10. These 3D animated GIFs are hilarious! Oh, and here is how you can drive your partner crazy in bed! (Humor)

Quote of the Week: “The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously” ~ Henry Kissinger

(Image Credits: Finding Secret Treasure)

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