Sparkle #59: Travel Trivia

Hello everyone! The weather this week has been pretty silly, with the sun and clouds playing hide and seek. Although it’s pleasant, such oscillating weather does make me feel a tad bit unsettled.

So to perk things up a bit, I thought of doing something breezy and fun for today’s travel post. Are you an avid traveler? Have your travels given you rich cultural experiences and made you worldly wise? Like me, do you dream of traveling across the world in this lifetime?

If you answered yes to the above questions, take this short but fun travel trivia quiz to find out how you fare as a global traveler. This info-graphic has 50 interesting facts that every traveler must know. It’s a great way to take a break, and still learn something new!

I scored 19, which landed me the title of ‘Adept Adventurer’. Clearly, I still have a lot of ground to cover (literally!). What’s your travel score?

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