Sparkle #21: Travel Infographics Series (Hot-spots)

travel destinations infographics

Hello people, how is your week coming along? I have been a bit under the weather, so this is a slow moving week for me! When I am stressed or feeling unwell, I turn to the web for insights, inspiration or sometimes just good old laughter therapy.

While stumbling across some of my favorite sites, I came across an interesting infographic on the city of Paris (if you follow this blog, you know I am obsessed with the place). This led to some inspiration for my travel tales post this week and instead of covering a destination, I decided to do a series on my favorite travel infographics!

I love infographics – the limited space forces you to really investigate your content and retain the most relevant information on the subject. Further, the creative layouting of text and images makes it a visual treat for the eyes! So every time I spot an interesting infographic, I add it to my virtual library for reference and future use.

Given my love for all things travel, over time I have collected a bunch of infographics covering various dimensions of traveling – specific destinations, packing, food, culture, air tips, budgeting, language and even safety!

So this week, I am introducing my ‘Travel Infographic Series’. As soon as I spot an interesting infographic related to traveling, I will share it with my readers! I will save the destination based infographics for their respective posts (I covered some for Italy here), but anything other than that which is interesting and catches my eye, I will feature on my blog every Tuesday!

This week, I wanted to share three very interesting infographics on travel locations around the world:

  • The 50 most visited tourist attractions in the world – If you are planning your next vacation to a famous country or city and want to know which spots attract the maximum number of annual visitors, save this infographic for reference. It will have you covered on all popular hot spots such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Times Square in New York City!
  • Top 150 secret destinations infographic – Sometimes, a popular tourist spot might seem overrated, and leave you feeling underwhelmed on your vacation. Check out this cool infographic which has recommendations from locals on the best tourist spots in their home cities. Refer to this when you want to go beyond conventional suggestions and really explore a place. I found it extremely useful! For instance – I had no idea about the Whitney museum in New York – it just never came up in the traditional travel itineraries I had planned.
  • 10 places to see before they are gone – This infographic lists 10 travel destinations which might fade into oblivion due to man made or natural crisis. It includes gems such as the Taj Mahal from India. You definitely want to skim through this list to ensure you don’t miss out on any essential bucket-list items!

travel destinations infographics travel destinations infographics travel destinations infographics

If you are still not feeling inspired enough to book that next vacation, here are 18 books you can read to fuel your wanderlust.

Are you obsessed with infographics too? If yes, share some of your favorite ones below via comments.

(Image Credits: Per the links shared above)

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