Happy Holidays!

Hello my lovelies! It’s the end of the year, so I am taking a break to relax, introspect and come back with new goals for 2016. Thank you for being a part of Pumpernickel Pixie and visiting regularly, I am so grateful for you! My blog’s debut year was full of interesting moments, so here’s looking back at 2015 with a round-up of some of my favorite posts…

Style: Party Dresses | Red Lipstick | French Manicures | Perfect Hair |Pink Lips | Miracle Face Mask | Hairstylists

Travel: Bhutan | Bali | Eat LocalLadakh | Paris Max Brenner | Winter Wonderland | Travel Hacks | Fly in Style

Living: Being Thankful | Peace Prayers | Productivity | Retro Quotes | Law of Attraction | Zen Living

HealthJuice Cleanse | Yoga vs Pilates | Clean Eating | Overnight Oats | Skin Foods | Suryanamaskars | Posture

Art: Paris vs New York | Whimsical | Travel Posters | Flower Wallpapers | Black & White Photos | Fall Wallpapers

More: Christmas DIYs | Hot ChocolateChristmas Tree | Origami | Stylish Gifts | Italian PotatoesBeauty Gifts

Have a fabulous Holiday season, a very merry Christmas and a sparkly New Year!

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